Why I love my: Target baby doll food set


Image source: Target.com

C’s absolute FAVORITE thing right now is Baby, her baby doll. Baby goes everywhere with C, and poor Pato has been kicked out of his nighttime snuggling spot to make room for her. Baby enjoys endless pushing in her stroller, being covered by blankets and patted to sleep over and over again all day, and lots and lots of C kisses (it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever). At C’s last check up, her pediatrician let us know that playing with a baby doll is pretty much the best prep ever we can give her for being a big sister, so we are beyond happy that she loves Baby so much! To make sure activities with Baby stay interesting, I picked up a little play feeding set and magic bottle and sippy cup for her at TargetThis gift is a huge mommy win, and has quickly jumped to the top of the Baby accessory list. C loves feeding Baby breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I was so impressed that she actually knew what to do with the feeding set. Y’all, she even shakes the bottle to prepare it before giving it to Baby. What a great little mommy she is!

Image source: Target.com

Image source: Target.com

I’m so excited that we have this toy and can continue to encourage C to take care of Baby so when little sis (yes, it’s another girl!) joins us, C can feel important by “helping” with her own baby.

Is your little lady into baby dolls? What baby accessories are at the top of your list?


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  1. Becky Jane says :

    Play food/dishes create such fun for little imaginations. They also prepare them for grown up life. She will be a good mommy! Congrats on another girl coming.

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