Summer is here!

Um, how is it almost Memorial Day weekend, y’all? 2013 is really flying by, and I can’t believe its time for swimming, grilling and outdoor fun again. No complaints here!

There are a ton of fun, summery things to do with the family in the ATX, but last weekend we found a new favorite: the Liz Carpenter Fountain at Butler Park. C couldn’t get enough of the splash pad fun, and I know we’ll be regulars for the next few months.


Photo courtesy of Gordon McGregor

It took little lady a bit of exploring before she was ready to let loose amongst the fountain streams, but once she figured out that it is fun to run around in the cool water on a hot day, she was in love!


Photo courtesy of Gordon McGregor

C and her sweet pal were beyond precious playing in the water together. They loved feeling the water on their hands and waiting for another stream to pop up.

Photo courtesy of Gordon McGregor

Photo courtesy of Gordon McGregor

And lesson learned for mom — when your toddler is playing in a fountain, you are playing in a fountain, too! Next time I’ll have to whip out the maternity swimsuit (yikes), or wear something that will dry a little faster than denim shorts. I’m glad I avoided white that day!

What are your favorite spots for fun in the sun in Austin, or your city? Tell me all about it in the comments.


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I'm a young working mama experiencing the adventures of parenthood for the first time. I love life in Austin, Texas with my sweet hubby, daughter and hound dog.

11 Responses to “Summer is here!”

  1. Sharon (@crazykids6) says :

    I LOVE the little bathing suits! Too cute…and other than December 1st thru January 31st, it’s always summer in Phoenix. Blech!

  2. Lexie Lane says :

    Yes! I definitely get there! That’s why I take my own change of clothes! lol!

  3. Lexie Lane says :

    BTW, these pics are so cute! Definitely wordless moments!

  4. Columba Lisa says :

    Very cute pictures! Living in a hot area must be difficult, but I can see the benefits, too!

  5. Christy Garrett (@upliftingfam) says :

    I enjoy going to the pool in the summer. I love your photos, the girls are adorable.

  6. Becky Jane says :

    She is so cute – love kids and water. Can’t wait to pull out our kiddy pool for the grandkids!

  7. Cody says :

    Thanks Christy and Becky!

  8. Chene Atkins- Whittington says :

    Looks like ya’ll are having tons of fun! My favorite spot is the Lake– we’re a water family so anything that involves water is always on our list!

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