My Top 5 Baby #2 Must Haves

Now that I’m planning for baby #2, I’m excited to have some experience under my belt when it comes to shopping. Registering and stocking up on supplies in preparation for C’s arrival was super overwhelming, to say the least. We did tons of research, got a bunch of stuff that is awesome, and a bunch of stuff that I don’t even remember is in my house. I’m excited to purge and add a couple of new things to my baby arsenal in anticipation of welcoming another wee one. And now that I’ve been through it once, I know exactly what I want:

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    An ERGOBaby. We really didn’t use our BabyBjorn much with C, mostly because all of us seem to enjoy outings in a stroller better. However, when we did whip it out, I found it a little awkward when she was a wee tot – she could never seem to get comfortable. And, it was no longer usable once C reached about 9 mos. due to her size, giving us a pretty short window when it was actually a good fit. I have heard nothing but awesomeness about the Ergo Baby, and since they can be used up to 45 lb., we could still be using it for C right now! I am definitely getting one of these for Tiny so I can tote him/her around and still have my hands free to tend to my toddler/life maintenance. Now to decide a color hubby wont refuse to wear…

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    A video monitor with a pan/zoom feature that can be controlled from the handset, like the Summer Infant Baby Touch. Now that C is older, she moves around in her crib quite a bit at night. When we got our current monitor, we opted for one that did not have an option to control the video view from the handset to save a little cash. Now, we really wish we had this feature, because she is all over the place, and sometimes we find ourselves monitoring her feet or the top of her head. Because we will need a monitor for #2 as well, I’m thinking we’ll go for one that offers this feature plus a dual view. And when C transitions to a toddler bed sooner rather than later, the pan/zoom feature on this particular monitor will definitely come in handy! I am excited for the day in many moons when I get to watch both of my babes sleeping happily on the monitor while I enjoy a glass (or 3) of wine. Ah, the little things.

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    A jogging stroller for 2, like the BOB Sport Utility Duallie. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t be happier with our UPPAbaby Vista. It’s beyond awesome, and the whole family loves it. We chose it over a jogging stroller because we thought we would do a lot more walking and strolling around town than jogging with C, and we were right. However, when I’m done having baby #2, it’s going to be time to really start working on my fitness. Because I have negative time as it is, I figure that throwing both babes in a jogging stroller and going for a run is going to be one of the few ways I will actually be able to get some exercise. Plus, it will be fun for the kiddos (I hope).

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    A proper high chair. We started C with an Inglesina Fast Table Chair, which we love(d). And then we moved her to a simple IKEA high chair, which we also love(d). Until she started to be able to climb out of and/or stand up in both, rendering them completely inusable after only a relatively short time in use. Now she sits happily in a booster seat, but during our recent trip to California, C tested out her cousin E’s more substantial high chair, and really seemed to love it. There was no climbing or squirming at all, because the high chair was more of a “throne” that felt like a real chair. This is definitely a must have for our next baby.

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    A comfortable rocking chair. Since C was born, we have rocked her in a beautiful chair that my sweet Dad rocked me in when I was a baby. He passed away about 2 years ago, and my mom generously refurnished it for us when I was pregnant with C. It has been so special for me to be able to sit where he sat so many years ago while I share some of the most tender moments of the day with my little one. As C has gotten bigger, however, this small wooden chair has wreaked havoc on hubby’s and my neck and back. It’s too small to comfortably contain an adult holding a baby – especially a large toddler – and will only continue to get more awkward as my belly grows. I’m thinking that this chair may move to the playroom for shorter story sessions and tall tales about Grandpa, and we’ll get both kiddos more comfortable bedroom chairs like these for rocking and snuggling. I know that my Dad would approve!

So, there you have it folks. What are your go-to baby products? And, what did you learn after having your first kiddo? Let me know in the comments!

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6 Responses to “My Top 5 Baby #2 Must Haves”

  1. rsrote says :

    I say your top picks are wonderful—You know it been a bit that babies were in my home so most of this new stuff was not out there or just WAY TO MUCH! Best wishes for Baby#2 =)

  2. Karen Dawkins says :

    We had a backpack carrier for our son and he lived in it. It was made by Kelty and came with a sunshade — great for outside. It was for kids 20-50 lbs. though, not for baby babies.

  3. April - My Bizarre Family says :

    I love those products! It would have made things so much easier if I had had those when I had my babies. I think the go-to products I had with them were just a pacifier, bottle warmer and stroller! lol It’s been almost 12 years since I had my last baby…

  4. Gfriemel says :

    Those are pretty good top picks! If I would’ve known about the Ergo instead of the Bjorn, I would’ve registered for that instead. Congrats again!

  5. DelSheree says :

    The Ergo looks way better than the one we had. It was so uncomfortable. GLad you found it for your next little one!

  6. Christy Garrett (@upliftingfam) says :

    I wish I would have purchased a Moby wrap when my youngest was born.
    I also couldn’t live without those baby mittens to keep them from scratching up their faces.

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