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In case you missed my big announcement last week, you might want to check it out! That’s right folks, C is going to be a big sis. Now you know the real reason my posts — and especially those that involve extracurricular activities like reading and DIY projects — have been fewer and farther between lately. I’m starting to feel a little like myself again (thankfully!), and can now share all of the baby 2, otherwise known as Tiny, pins I’ve been gathering since I first found out he/she is on the way. There are so many ideas to work through, but I’m starting with the nursery — duh, the fun stuff! We had so much fun bringing C’s room to life, and it’s still my fave room in our house. It will be a blast getting to do it all over again with different colors, ideas and accents to make it unique for sweet Tiny. We don’t know if Tiny is a he or a she yet, so I’m casting a wide net that could work for whoever is in there. No matter what the sex is, I know that the nursery will involve the following:

The color mint. I’m in love with this color right now, and think it could work for either a guy or a gal depending on how it’s used, and what other colors it’s paired with. I’m determined to get it in there somehow!

A soft, neutral space. There are SO many ways to make a baby room fabulous, and so many talented mamas out there who have come up with adorable creations! My personal favorite is to keep things soft-looking and use mostly neutrals or pastel colors for baby rooms. They are so sweet and pure, and I think their rooms should be too. Don’t get me wrong, I love bold and bright nurseries too — like my friend’s amazing yellow and gray one — but for Tiny, I’ll probably try to keep the brighter colors as accent-only.

A fun accent wall. I love all of the chevron, striped, polka-dot, trellis, you name it accent walls out there! We never did one for C’s nursery, and I definitely want to weave this in to Tiny’s room. As part of her big sis prize, C will be getting a little room makeover too (ideas to follow) so she’ll get one too! Time to put hubby to work ;)

For more nursery inspiration, and all kinds of pregnancy/new baby ideas, check out my New Baby board on Pinterest. What does your little one’s nursery look like, and if you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?

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9 Responses to “What I’m pinning: Tiny’s nursery”

  1. Kristl says :

    This brings back memories! My first child’s nursery was mint, and that was 21 years ago…WOW!

  2. Andrea says :

    I soooo wish Pinterest was around when I had my boys. Congratulations by the way! I’m following you on Pinterest now so I look forward to seeing what other fun ideas you come up with.

  3. rsrote says :

    some really great ideas over on Pinterest!

  4. Sharon (@crazykids6) says :

    Oh man…I sort of wish I was having another baby just so I could do this! LOL

  5. Christy (@upliftingfam) says :

    I found the bedding I wanted for my baby’s room online. I had fun picking out baby bedding for my youngest. His room already had one wall painted and we left it the way it was. I am a boring person and don’t paint the kids room different colors.

  6. Lexie LaneL says :

    Oh! These are way too cute! I’m not very creative so even if I copied this, I don’t think it would look that nice! I think if we had a nursery like any of these, I’d probably be less stressed. :)

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