How-To Tuesday: repurposing a changing table

What should I do with you, little buddy?

I’m excited to introduce my first ever regular feature on the blog today – How-To Tuesday! On the first Tuesday of each month, I’ll post curated or original DIY ideas that include a quick how-to and/or shopping list. This is one of my first steps towards developing my blog’s personality, and hopefully this little ditty provides you with enjoyment too!

When we recently reorganized C’s playroom, it became clear that her old changing table from the days of sleeping in our room is 100% no longer in use (sniff, sniff). It is continuously being moved from corner to corner, except for when we used it to create a diaper station at our recent Halloween party. We don’t want to get rid of this table until we’re done having bambinos, but it’s a cool piece of furniture that deserves more than living against a wall in our “junk” room.  My search for the perfect way to reuse this table has opened my eyes to some awesome ideas out there, and inspired me to come up with a few of my own.

Here are my faves, ranging from least to most permanent (in case you’re sure that there’s no going back for your changing table):

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Mobile workspace. This is an easy one that would be pretty budget friendly to do, and would ensure the table gets lots of use! It could also easily be transformed back to a changing table if needy baby bums come on the scene. Hubby and I are constantly balancing our laptops on our laps and trying to find an aesthetically friendly way to store them that doesn’t make our small home look like a Mac store.

My shopping list for this project:

  • Desk lampI like the look and the price tag of this one.
  • Storage boxesThese are neutral, but the polka dots make them fun.
  • Desk padLove this funky pattern.
  • Desktop organizerPretty much everything you need to stay organized and connected.

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Bar cart. There is a TON of inspiration out there for different ways to turn a changing table into a bar cart, which is proof that this is one of the best ways to repurpose this item. What a cute way to display beverages and cocktails for guests while entertaining, or spice up an at-home date night after the kiddos are sleeping.

My shopping list for this project:

  • Barware setThe basics for cocktail assembly.
  • Hanging stemware rackWooden options are available, but I like the metal ones best for our dark wood table.
  • Wine rack.  Perfect for one of the changing table shelves.
  • CastersThese would work with any piece of furniture.
  • Towel holder. Make sure you always have bistro towels available for spills.

Inspiration, though not an actual changing table. Image source:

Dressing table. I have always wanted a dressing table in my bedroom specifically for doing hair, applying makeup, and selecting the perfect jewelry, perfume and other lady delights. I can’t find any who have forged the path for this one, which means I will have to try this myself one day!

My shopping list for this project:

Image source:

Kitchen island. There are some great ideas out there for how to do this, including an awesome DIY from’ve always wanted a kitchen island, but haven’t found the right one that is small enough for our kitchen. This could be an awesome option for changing table repurposing if you want to create more storage in a way that works for your unique space and cooking style. 

My shopping list for this project:

Image source:

New toy for the kiddos. I love the idea of using the changing table to create a fantastic new fixture for your littles’ playroom. Check out these super cute ice cream parlor (LOVE this), kitchen and workshop DIY ideas. But the one I have my eye on that I haven’t seen in my searches yet (though surely it has been done) is a doll house.  What fun it could be to make this with your wee one!

My shopping list for this project:

  • Wall paper. Use cardboard to create the walls of your dollhouse and add a fun wallpaper to give the house its personality.
  • A roof. Here’s a handy DIY for creating a corrugated steel doll house roof. Cool!
  • Dolls. This a great starter kit for a dollhouse, and they come in all shapes and colors. And the inhabitants of your house don’t have to be traditional dolls…I still have a fond place in my heart for trolls (remember those?)
  • Dollhouse stuffAgain, an awesome starter kit! There is a whole dollhouse world out there that includes a plethora of furniture options.

These ideas have me so excited to go start crafting! I don’t know which one I will try first, but I’ll be sure to share my progress and the final product when I’m done. Stay tuned, and follow my changing table makeover board on Pinterest for more ideas.

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7 Responses to “How-To Tuesday: repurposing a changing table”

  1. mommacan says :

    The mobile workstation is purely awesome. I just was sitting here thinking that would be a perfect size for a gift wrapping station.

  2. Andrea says :

    GREAT ideas! I love the little kitchen. And here I’ve just been taking everything to the thrift shop!

  3. Rosey says :

    Boo, now I’m sad I gave ours away! There are a TON of good ideas listed here!

  4. Roxi @ Mr. Jacob's Mom says :

    That’s a great idea! We never did have a changing table because my husband thought it was just a waste of space even though I really wanted one. So we ended up changing him on the bed or I got a make-shift table where I laid down a changing table mat I got from Ikea and did our changing business there.

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